ⓘ Snow cap


ⓘ Snow cap

  • Snowcap Base, a fictional location in the Whoniverse, from the Doctor Who serial The Tenth Planet

1. Biology

  • snowcap Microchera albocoronata, a hummingbird
  • Snowcap, a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain of marijuana, see List of names for cannabis strains
  • SNO-Cap S-Nitrosocaptopril, a nitrovasodilator
  • Snowcap, a large white area of coloration in horses from the coat patterns of the leopard complex
  • snow-capped manakin Lepidothrix nattereri, a bird

2. Businesses and companies

  • MHS Aviation Germany ICAO airline code: MHV; IATA airline code: M2; callsign: SNOWCAP German charter airline
  • SNOCAP, a content control technology company
  • Snowcap Inn, Newry, Maine, USA; a hotel at the Sunday River ski resort

3. Other uses

  • Snow Cap story by Matthew S. Armstrong from the graphic novel anthology Flight, see List of volumes of Flight
  • Operation Snowcap 1987-1994 a U.S. counter-narcotics trafficking program
  • Snowcaps song, a 1999 song by Unwed Sailor