ⓘ Testament


ⓘ Testament

A testament is a document that the author has sworn to be true. In law it usually means last will and testament.

Testament or The Testament can also refer to:


1. Books

  • The Testament Lustbader novel, a novel by Eric Van Lustbader, completing a novel by Robert Ludlum
  • Testament: the Bible and History, a book by John Romer
  • Old Testament, the large, first section of the holy scriptures of Christianity, incorporating the Jewish Scriptures the Tanakh
  • fr:Le Testament Maupassant 1882
  • New Testament, the smaller, final section of the holy scriptures of Christianity including the Gospels, epistles of Paul, and other writings
  • The Testament Grisham novel, 1999
  • Testament phonographe Phonograph Testament, poetry book by Leo Ferre, 1980
  • Le Testament also, Le Grand Testament, a collection of poems by medieval French author François Villon 1461
  • Testament, a novel by Nino Ricci 2002
  • The Testaments 2019, Margaret Atwoods sequel to The Handmaids Tale 1985
  • Testament comic book, a 2005 comic book
  • The Testament Wiesel novel, 1981
  • Lenins Testament, the name given to a document written by Vladimir Lenin 1922-3
  • Testament, a thriller novel by David Morrell 1975

2. Films and television

  • Testament 2004 film Arabic Tenja French-Moroccan film by Hassan Legzouli with Roschdy Zem and Aure Atika
  • Testament 1983 film, a 1983 American film about the aftermath of a nuclear war on a family
  • Testament, a 1975 Yugoslav film directed by Milos Misa Radivojevic
  • The Testament Testamentet, a 2011 Danish documentary that won the documentary prize at the 65th Bodil Awards
  • Testament, a 1988 television series based on John Romers book
  • Testament, a 1988 a Ghana / UK film by John Akomfrah

3. Games

  • Testament Guilty Gear, a character from the video game series Guilty Gear
  • Testament Xenosaga, characters from the Xenosaga SciFi video game series
  • Testament video game, a 1996 first-person shooter for the Amiga

4. Music

Artists and labels

  • Testament Records USA, an American roots music record label
  • Testament Records UK, a classical music record label
  • Testament band, an American thrash metal band

Albums and operas

  • Testament, album by Talley Trio
  • Testament, 2005 album by Toroidh
  • The Testament album, by rapper Cormega
  • Testament album, by All Saints


  • "Testament", a composition for chamber orchestra by Brett Dean
  • "Testament", a composition for chamber orchestra by Jonathan Cole
  • "Testament", a French art song by Henri Duparc


  • "Testament", a song by Axium from the album Blindsided 2003
  • "Le Testament", a song by Leo Ferre from the album LEte 68 1969
  • "Testament" song, a 2012 song by Matt Fishel