ⓘ Tom Thumb (disambiguation)


ⓘ Tom Thumb (disambiguation)

  • "Tom Thumb", a song by American jazz pianist Bobby Timmons from the 1966 album The Soul Man!
  • Tom Thumb comics, the codename of two Marvel Comics superheroes
  • Tom Thumb play, a 1730 play by Henry Fielding
  • A character in the childrens book The Tale of Two Bad Mice by Beatrix Potter
  • Tom Thumb, a 1934 Krazy Kat film
  • Tom Thumb film, a 1958 feature film directed by George Pal
  • The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb, a 1993 stop-motion animated film

1. Brands and companies

  • Tom Thumb Food Stores, the former name for Loaf N Jug, a chain of convenience stores in the Florida Panhandle and southern Alabama
  • Tom Thumb Gallery, an alternative exhibition space in Kirksville, Missouri
  • Tom Thumb grocery store, a chain of supermarkets in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, owned by Safeway

2. History

  • Tom Thumb, an open boat used by navigator Matthew Flinders and George Bass in 1796
  • General Tom Thumb, the stage name of American performer Charles Sherwood Stratton 1838–1883
  • Tom Thumb locomotive, the first American-built steam locomotive, built in 1830

3. Other uses

  • Manuel Ramos boxer 1942–1999, nicknamed Pulgarcito Tom Thumb, Mexican boxer
  • Tom Thumb Peak, in the Howson Range, British Columbia, Canada
  • Tom Thumb snaffle, a type of bit mouthpiece for horses