ⓘ Sad (disambiguation)


ⓘ Sad (disambiguation)

  • Sad, Oman, a village in Oman
  • Sad, Podlaskie Voivodeship, a village in Poland
  • SAD Safford Regional Airport IATA airport code: SAD, in Safford, Arizona, US

1. Language

  • Sad surah, the thirty-eighth sura of the Quran
  • Sād ﺹ, a letter of the Arabic alphabet
  • Sandawe language ISO 639 language code: sad, spoken in Tanzania

2. Music

  • "Sad", a song by Chico Rose featuring Afrojack
  • "Sad!", a song by XXXTentacion from the album?
  • "Sad", a song by Bo Burnham from the album what.
  • "Sad" Maroon 5 song, on the album Overexposed
  • "Sad", a song by Bebe Rexha from the album Expectations
  • "Sad", a song from the Pearl Jam album Lost Dogs
  • "Sad", a song by Linkin Park on the album LP Underground 9: Demos
  • "Sad" Elton John and Pnau song, on the album Good Morning to the Night