ⓘ Scorpio


ⓘ Scorpio

  • "Scorpio" Flashpoint, the pilot for the TV series Flashpoint
  • Scorpio film, a 1973 spy film starring Burt Lancaster and Alain Delon

1. Vehicles

  • Scorpio ROV, a class of submersible remotely operated vehicle, including the Scorpio II and Super Scorpio operated by the US and UK navies
  • Mahindra Scorpio, an Indian SUV
  • Ford Scorpio, a car

2. Other uses

  • Scorpio, the codename for version 8 of the ColdFusion application server
  • Project Scorpio, the codename for the Xbox One X video game console
  • Scourge, a Roman whip
  • Scorpio weapon, an artillery weapon used in Ancient Rome
  • Task Force Scorpio, a United Nations biological and chemical response team