• Tirana logistic park, an industrial park in Albania
  • Tanjung Langsat Port, a shipping terminal in Johor, Malaysia
  • Tarbes–Lourdes–Pyrenees Airport, an international airport in southern France

1. Businesses and organizations

  • Transitional Living Program for Older Homeless Youth, an American social assistance program
  • TransMontaigne Partners L.P., stock ticker TLP
  • Tanzania Labour Party, a political party in Tanzania
  • Tactical Leadership Programme, a NATO pilot training organization
  • Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan, an Islamist political party
  • Tradition Records, catalog code TLP, a record label 1956–1966
  • Telefones de Lisboa e Porto, now Portugal Telecom
  • The Library Project, a non-profit organization that donates books and libraries in China and Vietnam
  • Trinidad Labour Party, a former political party in Trinidad and Tobago

2.1. Science and technology Biology and medicine

  • Thalidomide, lenalidomide and pomalidomide, in the development of analogs of thalidomide drugs
  • Transient lingual papillitis, lumps on the tongue
  • Thermolysin-like proteinase, an enzyme

2.2. Science and technology Computing, electronics and software

  • Translinear principle, a concept in translinear circuits
  • Thread level parallelism, an exploitation of task parallelism in computing
  • Transmission-line pulse, a method of testing electronic circuits for tolerance to electrostatic discharge
  • Transactional license program, a type of open volume software license
  • Transmission level point, a telecommunications signal testing point
  • Transaction layer packet, an encapsulation of data in the PCI Express serial bus specification
  • Traffic Light Protocol, a system for classifying sensitive information

2.3. Science and technology Other uses in science and technology

  • Satish Dhawan Space Centre Third Launch Pad, a rocket launch site in India
  • Tension-leg platform, a type of offshore platform used in production of oil or gas
  • Transient lunar phenomenon, a rare illumination event on the surface of the moon