ⓘ Septimus


ⓘ Septimus

People in Ancient Rome:

  • Septimius Severus, Roman general and emperor from AD 193 to 211
  • Septimius Acindynus, consul in 340
  • P. Septimius Geta, the younger son of Septimius Severus, emperor from 209 to 211
  • Lucius Septimius Roman governor, 4th century governor of Britannia Prima
  • Septimia gens, a nomen or Roman family name borne by the gens Septimia
  • Q. Septimius Florens Tertullianus c. 155– c. 240 AD, better known as Tertullian, theologian
  • Lucius Septimius, one of the assassins of Pompey the Great d. 48 BC.
  • St Septimius of Iesi died 307, bishop and saint
  • Septimus praenomen, a praenomen or Roman personal name
  • Septimius usurper, a usurper proclaimed emperor in 271 during the reign of Aurelian
  • L. Septimius Bassianus, better known as Caracalla, the elder son of Septimius Severus, emperor from 198 to 217
  • St Septimus d. 303, martyred with SS Felix, Januarius, Fortunatus, and Audactus

1. Palmyrenes

People from the Palmyrene Empire:

  • Septimius Worod, Palmyrene viceroy fl. 266.
  • Septimius Odaenathus, first Palmyrene king d. 267.
  • Septimius Antiochus, last Palmyrene emperor re. 273.
  • Septimius Zabdas, commander of the Palmyrene armies d. 272.

2. People with the given name

  • Septimus Atterbury 1880–1964, English football player
  • Septimus Kinneir 1871-1928, English cricketer
  • Septimus Orion, a music recording project
  • Septimus Francom 1882-1965, British long-distance runner
  • Septimus Rutherford 1907-1975, English footballer
  • Septimus Edwin Scott, 1879–1965 English painter
  • Frederick Septimus Kelly 1881–1916, Australian rower, musician, composer
  • Septimus Kaikai, Sierra Leonean politician and broadcaster
  • Septimus Warwick 1881-1953, British architect
  • John Septimus Roe, first Surveyor-General of Western Australia
  • Septimus Holmes Godson 1799-1877, British barrister
  • Septimus Aspinall 1907–1976, English rugby league footballer of the 1920s and 1930s
  • Septimus Robinson 1710-1765, British Army officer
  • Septimus J. Hanna, American Civil War veteran and a judge in the Old West
  • Sep Lambert, Septimus Drummond "Sep" Lambert, Irish cricketer
  • Septimus Winner, 19th-century songwriter
  • Septimus Ridsdale 1840-1884, English first-class cricketer
  • Septimus Norris, 1818–1862 American mechanical engineer and steam locomotive designer

3. Fictional people

  • Septimus Stardust, a fictional character in Neil Gaimans novel Stardust
  • Septimus Hodge of Tom Stoppards play Arcadia
  • Septimus Bean and His Amazing Machine, a childrens book
  • Septimus Heap, a series of books by Angie Sage, as well as the main character in the series
  • Septim, a number of characters and entities in The Elder Scrolls game series
  • Septimus Warren Smith, a character in Virginia Woolfs novel Mrs Dalloway
  • Doctor Septimus Pretorius, is a fictional character in the Universal film Bride of Frankenstein
  • Septimus Harding, the eponymous protagonist of Anthony Trollopes The Warden