ⓘ Password (disambiguation)


ⓘ Password (disambiguation)

Password is a word or string of characters used for user authentication to prove identity or access approval to gain access to a resource.

Password may also refer to:


1. Music

  • Password record producer, Nigerian record producer
  • "Password", a 1964 song by Kitty Wells
  • "Password", a song by DRAM from his 2016 album Big Baby DRAM
  • Password, a 2000 album by Geoff Muldaur
  • Passwords band, a Canadian rock band
  • "Password", a song by Kylie Minogue from her 2001 CD single Your Disco Needs You
  • Passwords album, 2018 album by American folk rock band Dawes

2. Television

  • Password Plus and Super Password, 1979 and 1984 revivals
  • Password game show, an American television game show 1961–67, 1971–75
  • Million Dollar Password, 2008–09 revival
  • Password British game show, a British panel game show based on the US version, 1963–1983
  • Password, a home version of the television game show Password

3. Other uses

  • Passwords 2000, a book by French philosopher Jean Baudrillard, published in French as Mots de passe
  • European Strategic Program on Research in Information Technology ESPRIT, a project researching X.509 technology, called Password
  • Password video gaming, a video game saving method