ⓘ Hispania (disambiguation)


ⓘ Hispania (disambiguation)

  • Hispania Nova disambiguation, a latter designation of two Imperial Roman provinces and a Latinate name for colonial Mexico
  • Hispania Ulterior, Republican Roman province
  • Hispania or Iberia
  • Hispania Citerior, Republican Roman province
  • Hispania Baetica, Imperial Roman province
  • Hispania Carthaginiensis, a latter Imperial Roman province
  • Marca Hispanica, buffer zone 795 between the Umayyad Al-Andalus and the Frankish Kingdom
  • Hispania Gallaecia, a latter Imperial Roman province
  • Hispania Tarraconensis, Imperial Roman province
  • Hispania Balearica, a latter Imperial Roman province
  • Hispania Lusitania, Imperial Roman province
  • Hispania, Antioquia, town and municipality in Antioquia, Colombia

1. People

  • Trajan, Roman Emperor 53-117
  • Theodosius I, Roman Emperor 379-395
  • Seneca the Younger, Roman philosopher and playwright, tutor and advisor of Nero 1BC-65AD
  • Hadrian, Roman Emperor 76-138
  • Hosius of Corduba. Bishop of Corduba 257-359
  • Seneca the Elder, Roman rhetorician and writer 54BC-39AD
  • Maximus of Hispania, Roman usurper 409-411

2. Other

  • MS Hispania, a ferry operated by Swedish Lloyd 1969–1972
  • Hispania Racing F1 Team, a Formula One team that debuted in the 2010 Formula One season
  • 804 Hispania, minor planet orbiting the Sun
  • SS Hispania, a number of steamship carried this name
  • Hispania Clasica, classical music concert promotion agency active in Europe and in the Americas
  • Hispano-Suiza, a car manufacturer
  • Hispania, the journal of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, ISSN 0018-2133.
  • Hispania, revista española de historia, published in Spain by the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, ISSN 1988-8368.
  • Allegory of Hispania, the national personification of Spain

3. Derivations

  • Hispaniola, original Spanish name for the island presently occupied by Haiti and the Dominican Republic
  • Hispanic, the linguistic group of Spanish speakers