• Joseph Smith - Matthew, a book of the Pearl of Great Price of the Latter Day Saint movement
  • Just Shoot Me!, an American television sitcom
  • Journal for the Academic Study of Magic
  • Journal of Sexual Medicine, a peer-reviewed academic journal

1. People

  • Josie Maran Johanna Selhorst "Josie" Maran, American supermodel and actress
  • John Stuart Mill 1806–1873, British philosopher, political economist, and politician

2. Other

  • The Japanese School of Melbourne
  • Javascript Module. Modules have been added to JavaScript in ES2015, see also Asynchronous module definition
  • Joint Strike Missile, an improved version of the Norwegian anti-ship Naval Strike Missile
  • Johnson Stokes & Master, one of the oldest law firms in Asia
  • Joint Statistical Meetings, a conference of statisticians in North America
  • John Smith Monument, built to commemorate John Smiths visit
  • Juris Scientiae Magister Master of the Science of Laws, a postgraduate law degree awarded by Stanford University and other institutions